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Discover home education that works for you and your kids.

Curriculum Consulting

Let me design an at-home educational plan individualized to your family. I’ll tell you exactly how to get started and where to purchase a complete curriculum that you can implement with no teaching experience. Save time and let my years of experience guide you as you begin this adventure at home.

Hourly rates or package pricing available.

Book Lists

If you’ve got your basics covered and don’t have time to search out books that match up with your history or science topics- I can help!
Maybe you’d like modern alternatives to teaching the themes included in classic books? How about reading along using picture books for your little ones?
I read upwards of 300 books a year and routinely receive new releases pre-publication. I love matching books with readers.

Fill out a simple survey, and I’ll send you a book list for the year. You can then purchase the books anywhere you’d like or utilize your library system.

Book Club

For the first time ever I’m opening up spots inside the Viking Academy to non-family members.

Read along with us this year. Books will range in difficulty from MG- YA. We’ll have a private Facebook group to discuss the books and a weekly FB Live (or equivalent free platform- we’ll determine the venue based on our group size) for live discussions.

Most books will be new releases and the book club price includes the book shipped to your home. I’m willing to add either older or younger book club ages based on demand.

I have dreams of all the genres: Graphic Novels, Modern Classics, YA LGBTQ, Mystery, Historical Fiction?

So many books, so little time. Spread the word and we can try and read them all!

Book Club (s) will run from August through May.

$80 membership fee (NO BOOKS Included)

“With her many years of homeschooling experience and extensive knowledge of middle-grades books, I trust Jenny to lead my child through an online bookclub experience. It’s a relief to not have to do it all myself!”

— Courtney O.

“I’ve been homeschooled or homeschooling since 1994, literally collect materials for the homeschool museum I’m going to open one day, and Jennifer is one of two people I can always count on to know more than me about any homeschool materials question someone may have.

-Rose Tell-Drake

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